Tillbaka Sea freight

Container crisis and all-time high shipping rates

Major delays in ports, lack of containers, and high prices seem to affect shipping from Asia to Europe.

Our best advice is to book early!

The overseas market face

  • increase in demand

  • lack of equipment, which might even get worse

  • congestion and delays

  • SPOT rates


In order to improve the situation we are in dialogue with many different carriers to find the best solution, short- and long-term. Aiming to ensure stability, predictability, space, and equipment.

We are independent of Carriers and will always look for the best solution for your shipment.


Other freight alternatives?

Both rail freight and air freight might be good solutions transporting your goods, though they are also very popular these days. Rail freight is fully booked through the month of June, but we are looking into adding routes to get more space for goods.


General ocean freight status for summer 2021

  • we expect strong demand for exports from Asia to continue in Q3 and ocean networks are projected to be highly utilized.

  • equipment shortages remain an industry-wide challenge in Asia Pacific. 

Status per country


Due to lack of equipment, storage space, and backlog on shipping going back to Christmas, we suspect that it will be difficult and time-consuming to ship goods from China all summer.

We are looking into different solutions from, Ningbo and Shanghai it's a good choice with early bookings.
Xiamen, Fuzhou Dalian, Qingdao, and Xingang suffer from lack of equipment.

Port of Yantian, suffers from congestion, and detected a mutant virus from Covid-19, starting very strict pandemic control rules. Vessels have to wait 14 days outside port prior to berth. It means all shipping schedules are invalid totally now this month, you have to rely on the everyday posts from Carriers. 

Nansha Port is closed immediately, new opening time is not advised.

Rail from China might be an option.


India suffers from a severe spread of Covid-19 infection and different areas with local lockdowns.

We, therefore, experience some delays. India also fact the same lack of equipment situation as China.

South-east Asia

Logistic situations suffer from delays mostly due to equipment shortage.

The Continent

Ports like Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerpen, and Bremerhaven struggles with congestions, in addition to overseas shipping confiscating the feeder capacity.

Delays must be expected. We are working on different logistic scenarios to improve deliveries.

André Grønli

André Grønli

Director Key Account

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