If you going to export goods from Sweden, you must declare the goods to the Customs.

As an exporter, you are obliged to declare each product to the Swedish authorities via an export declaration. After the Customs have cleared the goods, you can send the goods out of the country.

Customs clearance

Let us help you with your customs clearance. We have extensive experience in customs and customs handling and are particularly knowledgeable with Norway freight

Let us help you with your export declaration

The export declaration is carried out by us and sent to the Customs Office electronically via our customs clearance system. The Customs service sends a message back when the goods have been cleared.

Here you will find more information about customs handling of exports


  Different types of exports:

  • Permanent export- Goods sold to a non- EU country

  • Temporary export-Goods exported for repair outside the EU to be returned to Sweden


 Goods with export restrictions

Some goods, such as cultural goods, tobacco and weapon, have special restrictions which are important to be known as an exporter.


Customs documentation: As an exporter, you are responsible for the goods code, the value of the goods, the labelling of the goods and the accuracy of addresses are all correct, and to provide correct customs documentation. 

Here you will find more information about customs documents.