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Traffic disruption in rail services


Due to the strike in Germany, the train had to be stopped in Neumunster. We are not allowed to take the train any further until the strike is lifted. We have been told that the strike will last until 23:59, 27/3.

The strike involved all types of rail traffic and affected all of Germany. 


Basel-Skövde 46616 


The train will be standing in Neumunster until 23:59, 27/3. 

Action by train operator:

When the traffic continues, we will try to have our resources secured for the train to continue to Skövde.

If we manage and are allowed to depart after midnight or early morning, we can expect to arrive in Skövde during the evening of 28/3. However, heavy congestion is to be expected.

ETA is currently unclear, but we will return once we have more information.