Do you have eCommerce, or are you planning to start eCommerce for the Scandinavian market? Then we can help you with a solid receive and distribution solution. Let our eCommerce department find a solution that suits you.

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Stock and 3pl warehousing services for e-retailers

We adapt the warehouse operation to your delivery needs. E-commerce and digital campaigns require that the distributor of the goods offer fast conversion to provide good service and a good impression on the end customer. We offer all types of warehouse services in central areas of Scandinavia.

International freight services

We can agree to collect the goods at your warehouse or at your supplier and have effective customs clearance procedures for further distribution in Sweden. We pick up where you wish and deliver at the agreed location.

Customs clearance of goods

We are good at customs and have simple customs clearance systems, which is a prerequisite for seamless customs clearance and fast deliveries. We are up to date on the latest IT solutions for customs administration and have several customs options for you and your e-commerce.


Delivery options

We deliver the goods directly to the mailbox, to the door, or at the nearest delivery point. We also offer home deliveries in the evenings if your customers prefer it, with SMS and phone message in advance.

After customs clearance, the goods are sent to your customer. We can use cash on delivery so that the recipient has to pay customs duties and VAT before the customer receives their goods.


For a smooth operational collaboration, we have the possibility for connection via EDI solutions to the vast majority of systems – which again ensures good quality with the possibility for scanning at all nodes.

Customer service

E-commerce customers want their goods quickly and expect a high level of service. If your customers have needs for advice and guidance, our professional customer service team is at your service.


If your customer does not want the goods, after all, we will receive the return note and arrange the return. All returns are collected with us, so you only receive a return shipment to agreed times.