Most cargo can be sent by air transport - large, small, heavy and light. Airfreight is the fastest transportation form. Is the first option when time is the main focus and you want to have the package transported quickly and safely. We have a large network and deliver door/door services.

Tommy Ilovar

Tommy Ilovar

Teamleader Air & Sea Freight

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Express freight

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Express freight for large and small packages with fast delivery

Air transport is the fastest way to distribute goods around the world. We are happy to help you with express deliveries; general cargo, priority cargo, couriers, freight intermediation, combined transport, door-to-door services. With experienced air freight forwarders, we help you with air freight, from small door-door packages to larger and complex industrial projects.

ColliCare is a certified IATA Cargo Agent and therefore certified to organize air freight to all corners of the world. Ask us for a price on air freight!

We offer different solutions for your air freight to best meet your shipping needs.


What we do:

  • Charter solutions

  • Special services like supervision at the airport 

  • A global network for all kinds of shipments 

  • Consolidated shipments for sea and air 

  • Short transit times and high quality of delivery 

  • We can help you choose the service, or tailor the transport according to your need  


We can help you choose the service, or tailor the transport according to your need