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ColliCare strengthens Domestic Logistics

ColliCare strengthens Domestic Logistics by hiring Tone Lundgaard (55) as Director Domestic.

Tone Lundgaard holds a broad experience of over 30 years in Postnord, where she held the role of Director of Packages and General cargo.
Previously, she held positions as Director of Customer Experiences, Regional Director of Eastern Norway, Regional Director of Western Norway, and Transport Manager.

She is employed as Director Domestic and will lead and develop ColliCares domestic operations in Norway.



"It is exciting getting new challenges in a Norwegian-owned entrepreneurial company growing rapidly. I am happy for the opportunity to be part of the further development of the company.

A lot of good work has already been performed, and I hope that my experience can contribute to further growth and profitability in the future! With the new modern main terminal at Kløfta, we have the opportunity to do that! ", says Tone Lundgaard.

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Tone Lundgaard



Transport services in Norway

The services in Norway consist of the product as General cargo and bulk goods, InNight, Trucking, Express, and Direct distribution.

Domestic services has been important for ColliCare for many years. Now with our new main hub at Kløfta ready in April, we finally have the basis for further growth and development.



"ColliCare has decided to increase our efforts developing our domestic services. We hold a nationwide distribution network of groupage- and part loads since 2010 for our B2B customers, and by establishing the terminal at Kløfta we have new growth opportunities, as well as an excellent distribution service in the market.

At Kløfta, we have a state-of-the-art cross docking terminal with all the necessary facilities which will give us the promise we need to take new and big steps into the future.

Luckily and proudly we announce to have Tone on the team to lead the Domestic services and development into a new phase, "says Tom Erik Hauger.

Tom Erik Hauger




ColliCare terminal at Kløfta

  • opens in April 2022

  • 11 305 sqm building

  • 1800 sqm offices over three floors

  • terminal for reloading, crossdocking, and distribution

    • roofed loading/unloading area and fast track loading bays, 60 vehicles

    • 32 docking stations, with sheds

    • 2 driving gates, for inside loading/unloading

  • built according to TEK 17-Norwegian standard

  • waste-management, source sorting stations 

  • AC electric car charging for private cars and vans

  • DC charging for truck /distribution cars