ColliCare gives you an overview of all assignments and related documentation through eCare such as customs clearance, bills of lading and invoices. 

Customs clearance

Let us help you with your customs clearance. We have extensive experience in customs and customs handling and are particularly knowledgeable with Norway freight

Full documentation

As an importer or exporter, you have a special responsibility to provide accurate documentation. You have to provide accurate information about the shipment such as original documentation.


Incomplete documentation may:

  • delay transport

  • stop the transport

  • errors in the calculation of the item


Claim for documentation:

  • invoice, with specified content

  • invoice number

  • Sender

  • date, location

  • parcel, weight

  • description of content

  • price

  • city of delivery, date

  • special conditions attached to the special invoice

  • original documentation/original attestation

  • you can find more information here

  • proforma invoice (in special cases)

- the proforma invoice must reflect the true value of the goods

Use if the recipient is not required to pay for the product, such as sent samples, gifts, or similar



The customs documents are also important when vat is to be applied for at the Swedish Tax Agency ref. VAT Law  (1994:200)


ColliCare gives you a good overview, through eCare you can review all assignments with related documentation such as customs documents, bill of lading, and invoice.