ColliCare  helps you with customs credit. Our employees knows all the processes of customs credit, import declaration, export declaration and customs documentation without you having to think about it.

Customs clearance

Let us help you with your customs clearance. We have extensive experience in customs and customs handling and are particularly knowledgeable with Norway freight

Shipments B2C and B2B without customs credit with the Swedish Customs are declared on a daily settlement. This means that customs duties and VAT must be paid in advance before the consignment can be customs declared and delivered.

In case of customs on a daily settlement for B2C, we need the importer's personal code number

The Customs Service carries out regular checks and may ask for further documentation.

As soon as these are accepted, the goods can be handed out and used.


Who is responsible for the customs procedure?

It is the importer's responsibility to ensure that goods are properly customs into the country according to the Customs Act.

If it is unclear who is the importer, the responsible party is the consignee of the goods.

*In case of transport within the EU, goods do not need to be cleared, but they can circulate freely throughout the EU.