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Denmark, our neighbouring country, is a member of the EU but not of the eurozone. The currency in Denmark is the Danish krone.

As a Scandinavian and Nordic specialist, ColliCare manages your transport to and from Denmark. For transporting full loads (FTL), part loads (LTL) and groupage in Denmark, ColliCare has its own extensive distribution network.

Pricing and booking

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We offer

  • daily transport from all over Europe

  • rail, road, and air freight to Denmark

  • centrally located distribution centres in all Scandinavian countries

  • booking via EDI, web, e-mail, or simply by telephone

  • online tracking of all shipments, also for packages

  • support with customs clearance

  • professional customer service

Groupage, 0-2500 kg

Groupage shipments (0-2500 kg) in our network in Sweden are collected and delivered by local employees.

Part loads, + 250 kg

LTL (less than truckload) transport in Sweden (+ 2500 kg) direct delivery or via a terminal. Special pick-up and delivery.

Additional services in Denmark

  • tail lift trailer/truck delivery

  • express transport and urgent shipment

  • customs clearance and assistance with customs formalities

  • clearance of transport and local distribution in Denmark

  • ADR transport and guidance

  • Project Cargo / Bulk /Break-bulk

We transport goods like

  • groupage

  • part loads

  • full truck or container, FTL, FCL

  • less than truckloads, LTL, LCL

  • ADR, dangerous goods

  • special goods

  • bulk material:

    • sand, gravel

    • soil, agricultural products

    • tiles, wood material

    • industrial waste/waste


Comprehensive customs and tax regulations and time-consuming processes often make import and export demanding. We specialise in customs management, with easy customs procedures and help you with

  • general customs clearance

  • imported goods

  • exported goods

  • custom clearance documentation

  • cash and daily settlements

Customer service

Opening hours 08-17, dedicated employees support you by phone or mail.

Per Bengtsson

Per Bengtsson

Sales Manager Sweden