Most of it can be sent by air transport - large, small, heavy, and light. Choose air transport when time is the focus. We offer 3 different airfreight solutions, express, premium, and economical. We have a large network and build your solution according to your needs. 

Tommy Ilovar

Tommy Ilovar

Teamleader Air & Sea Freight

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Express shipments - The fastest solution

Choose express shipping by air when you need short delivery times even at long distances. We have a large network and can quickly deliver to the largest cities worldwide. For national deliveries, we can often deliver the same day. As with all our other services, we offer multimodal solutions so that you get a freight solution that goes door to door.

  • Express shipping to the largest cities in the world!

  • Door-to-door

  • National- delivery on the same day

  • Different delivery speeds

  • Non-subject to customs documents

  • Customizable package

  • Up to 30 kilo

  • Unlimited number of packages per shipment


We help you choose the service or tailor the transport according to your need.

You are in full control:

Bookings can be registered via EDI, e-mail, or phone, and via eCare, all logistics management collected in one source.

We help you choose the service or tailor the transport according to your need.


Regulated freight suppliers

We are regulated freight suppliers (RA) by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, which makes security control cheaper and reduces the risk of delays at Nordic airports for exporters who are approved as Qualified Consignors (KC).

We can help you with:

General cargo, Priority cargo Courier Hand courier Charter solutions/Freight intermediation Special services like supervision at the airport A global network for all types of shipments Combined solutions for air and sea Short transit times and high quality of delivery

We are a security certified freight forwarder (RA) by the” Luftfarttilsynet”. This makes the security check cheaper and decreases the risk of delays at Norwegian airports for exporters recognized as “Known senders” (KC).



Economical shipments – both fast and cheap

When a low price is the most important Consolidated shipments We will pick up your shipment where you wish, and cross-dock it with other goods

The shipment is traceable all the way and is monitored by us until it is delivered to the receiver. Any deviations or delays are reported when they occur.

Premium shipments – priority cargo

When it’s urgent First possible departure Airport to airport service We always choose the fastest and shortest route