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New standard- customs declaration

From 15 March this year, it has been possible to submit declarations in the new system for standard customs declaration. And from the end of December 2022, all companies must have submitted approved final tests. 
From 1 January 2023, imports shall be submitted in the new version for the standard customs declaration.

What's new? 

  • All information shall be provided electronically.

  • You can choose to submit the customs declaration in advance and then activate it when the goods have arrived.

  • Transport documents must be entered into the customs clearance 

  • Customs value declaration over EUR 20 000 


To get greater control over the flow of goods and to digitize the entire customs process.

Read more on Swedish Customs' website:

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What should you as a customer think about?

Transport documents must be ready when customs clearance is to be carried out, as this must be stated in the customs declaration.

If you often have goods that exceed EUR 20,000, please apply for a general customs value declaration. 

See more information here and how to apply:

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