International Transport

We help you with transport with domestic and abroad, from single shipments to larger cross-border transport solutions and with different shipping methods – multimodal logistics solutions.

We are well established with our own offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, India and China, as well as well-established agent networks above.

Multimodal Freight
We provide tailored logistics solutions for international transport to and from all over Europe and Asia. 

Greener Freight
We will look for freight solution reducing your environmental footprint. 

Fast Freight and Express shipments

We offer fast freight and Express shipments, looking for the fastest shipment route and freight method whether it is by sea freight, air freight, road freight, or rail freight.


Smart logistics that increase my

How we work

ColliCare brings personal customer service to assist you with problemsolving and solutions.

At ColliCare you get personal service

We can assist you through the world of logistics, whether you have inquiries regarding prices, bookings, tracking of goods, invoices or claims.