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Price adjustments from 1th of January 2021

Dear Customer

To ensure our long-term ability to manage your needs and requirements, we will adjust prices and product-specific conditions for our land-based transportation and warehousing services from 1th of January, 2021.

No one has escaped that 2020 has been a very special year, with the ongoing pandemic that has affected everyone's everyday lives. We in the transport industry have been affected, like so many others, over the past year.

However, we at ColliCare note that throughout the pandemic we have managed to carry out our missions in a satisfactory way. We have been fully operational and managed to maintain our high quality despite difficult circumstances in the form of shutdowns and volume fluctuations. We have our fantastic employees to thank for that.

We have continued our development work to meet your needs, our customers' needs and to continue to offer the best transport solutions on the market. With many customized solutions, based on our customers' wishes and needs.


Price adjustments

The prevailing market situation and the measures and long-term investments to be made as a result of the above will lead to the price adjustments below:

Domestic Road 4.6%

Import/Export Road  3,55 %

Storage/Warehousing services 4.9%

Customs services 4.5%