We will make sure that your goods in distributed throughout the country, whether it is Full truckloads (FTL), groupage or part loads. If you need to ship dangerous goods or temperature-controlled cargo we can handle this with our growing operations in Sweden. Our goal is precision on every single delivery.

Contact us for the smarter and most cost-efficient transport solution for you and your business.

Flexible road freight solutions

  • Nationwide distribution

  • Groupage

  • Part loads

  • Trucking 

  • Direct distribution

  • Courier/express

With daily departures from our terminal located along the E6 in Gothenburg, we provide you with fast and reliable delivery of groupage goods across Sweden. Part loads go from your pick-up location directly to the recipient.

Book via e-mail, EDI or web, and each shipment is traceable with the use of PDAs, and a web-based track & trace system - follow your goods’ journey 


Direct distribution in Sweden

Groupage is not always the best solution – let us work together to find the best solution for you and your company. 

  • Fixed-time delivery

  • Challenging cargo structure        

  • Same-day delivery

  • Delivery timed to delivery-windows

  • Cost-effective distribution for large volumes in central areas

  • Part and complete vehicle consignments

We collect your goods and deliver them directly to the agreed location. We will always choose a smarter and faster way, direct distribution is simple and easy.


Groupage or Part loads


ColliCare has daily departures from our centrally located terminal in Gothenburg, which provides a fast and reliable distribution of groupage across Sweden.

  • consignments with a weight limit up to 2,500 kg are calculated per consignment

  • groupage consignments are priced and invoiced according to agreed groupage and associated services’ rates

  • for groupage distribution packaging must be appropriate so that the goods can withstand loading with other goods without exposing them to damage

  • groupage operates according to ColliCare’s transport plan. link to the transport plan

  • booking deadline: 11:00, unless otherwise is agreed prior to same-day pickup

  • goods for groupage distribution must be marked with a shipping label from the shipper


Part loads:

You decide the pickup location and we deliver directly to your recipient.

  • Consignments weighing from 2,500 kg and above are calculated per consignment

  • Part load consignments are priced and invoiced according to the agreed part-load and associated services’ rates. Find prices for part-loads here

  • For part load distribution, packaging must be appropriate and to ensure that the goods can withstand loading with other goods without exposing them to damage

  • Part loads are operated according to ColliCare’s transport plan. You can find the table here. (Here the link must be direct to the transport plan)

  • Booking deadline: 14:00, unless otherwise agreed

  • Goods for part load distribution must be marked with a shipping label from the sender, as well as being electronically transmitted or created with us prior to pickup


Per Bengtsson

Per Bengtsson

Sales Manager Sweden
Magnus Öhrnell

Magnus Öhrnell

Business Consultant