Multimodal transport means combining various modes of transport under one assignment. The advantage of combining freight solutions is that we find the most efficient combination of various modes of transport, for FCL (full container loads), LCL (less than container loads), FTL (full truckload), LTL (less than truckload), part loads, groupage, and other multimodal transports.

Your result could be an optimisation of delivery deadlines, reduction of storage costs, increased cost control, and also the opportunity to make use of the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

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Let us compare, to find the best freight solution and timing for you!

Combine boat- and road transport

The use of multimodal transport solutions is effective and we carrying both by road and sea. Let us see together if we can find a good solution that suits you and your business.

Combined shipping can provide many benefits:

  • more profitable for the economy

  • better from an environmental and sustainability perspective

  • time-saving

ColliCare has good solutions for:

  • door to door

  • labeling goods

  • pick-up goods

  • deliveries of goods in Sweden

  • managing customs-related documents

  • full control of logistics from order to delivery with eCare, a simple web-based system. With eCare you can book and stay oriented about the status of your active shipments, each package is electronic traceable. Here you also have easy access to related documents and history.

  • less administration and better capacity in your business that makes everyday life easier


Combine different shipping form of freight in the same mission

Multimodal transport is a combination of different shipping forms of freight in a single freight assignment. The benefit of combined freight solutions is that we find the most efficient combination of several different types of transport for FCL (full container loads)/Part loads, LCL (Less container loads)/ general cargo, and other combination freight.

The result for you can be an optimization of delivery times, reallocation of inventory costs, increased cost control, and not at least the ability to adapt to the most sustainable shipping form of transport for environmental reasons.


Shipping combinations can be different compositions of:

  • Boat transport

  • Road transport

  • Rail transport

  • Airfreight

Combination freight or multimodal solutions can be:

  • Boat transport + Rail transport

  • Airfreight + Road transport

  • Road transport + Rail transport

  • Boat transport + Rail transport + Road transport

We combine different shipping forms of freight solutions for faster, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective transport. A multimodal transport solution that adapts to your needs. Talk to us and we'll help you!