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Equipment sea

We provide a wide range of containers for different needs of freight, from the most common containers to special containers. If there is something you can't find in the summary, please get in touch!

20' DC

33 m3

40' DC

68 m3

40' HC

76,4 m3

40' HCPW

79 m3

45' HC

86 m3

45' HCPW

89,2 m³

Reefer container

Reefer containers are temperature controlled containers used for goods sensitive to changes in temperature/humidity. Examples of sensitive goods are food products, candles, down jackets, shoes, etc.

20' RF

28,3 m³

40' RF

67,9 m³


83,5 m³

Special containers

ColliCare can provide special equipment in the shape of cargo outside of standard dimensions and weight of open containers, containers for garments on hangers and containers with curtain sides that allow loading/unloading from the side.
Please contact us directly for more information.

20' GOH

33 m3

40' GOH

78,9 m3

45' PWCS

83,1 m³

20' FR

40' FR


45' FR

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