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Our services

Road freight
ColliCare is a nationwide carrier! Let us distribute your goods across the country. Call 101 99 3800 for a competitive offer for your transport solution!
Sea freight
Get your goods delivered worldwide with sea freight. You get access to a large network, including our offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Baltics, Italy, Turkey, India and China, and agents in the important hubs.
ColliCare covers Gothenburg and its surroundings and promises a personalized, high quality courier service.
Air freight
Air freight for fast delivery - form small packages to big parcels, light or heavy. We have a large network and deliver door-to-door. Find out more here.
Cost effective storage solutions for your goods. We offer terminals, storage areas, warehousing and a WMS.
Customs clearance
We have specialized in customs clearance, with dedicated employees in this area, and have good procedures for Norwegian Customs. Let us help you with Custom clearance.
Online shopping
Good delivery options as well as convenient return solutions are crucial when choosing online shop. ColliCare wants in cooperation with your webshop to shape the deliveries of tomorrow, to make them more competitive today and in the future.
Rail solutions
ColliCare Rail - Directly from Parma – departure every Friday at 11pm, and arriving Rolvsøy by Fredrikstad every Monday by 6pm.
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