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Asia, ongoing updates 2022

The transport and logistic situation towards the Asian market has met severe trouble, starting with the pandemic Covid-19 in 2019. Now in 2022 we still see waves of Coronavirus affecting the logistic situation.

In this article, we try to sample all the latest news on a monthly basis. Please get in contact with us if you like more in-depth information. 


Xi’an has tightened lockdown measures

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Xi'an rises to 1,893 until Jan 4, it means that this outbreak is the most severe since March 2020.

Xi’an is still fighting with the outbreak, and it has further tightened lockdown measures, requiring all residents to stay at home unless permitted to go outside for mass testing.


Rail freight from Xi’an

As local outbreaks continue to flare up, the new policy does not allow trucks enter Xi'an and drivers who has been in Xi'an need to take quarantine.

As a result, all the containers from rail freight will be collected at Xiangyang station in Hubei Province and depart from there. Xiangyang Station is located to the southeast of Xi'an and is an important transportation hub connecting central and western China.

Upgraded sanitizing processes and strict operation restrictions due to Covid-19 have also limited operational capacity, the departure is expected to be delayed by 1-3 days from the schedule.

Here you'll find the schedule


Ningbo Port Operations

Update 2022.01.04


According to General Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, a few people were tested Covid-19 positive in Beilun as one of Ningbo’s important administrative districts. Of the five container terminals in Ningbo, 3 terminals Ningbo Beilun Container Terminal (NBCT), Ningbo Beilun Second Container Terminal (NBSCT), Ningbo Beilun Third Container Terminal (NBTCT) are located near the epidemic area of Beilun district while no positive case is reported in the terminals.

Local authority has implemented disinfection and quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



Vessel call and departure keeps normal so far.


Trucking & empty containers

The local transportation authority and Ningbo port have formulated regulations and issuing special permit for trucking service providers to mitigate the impact on logistics transportation. According to the newest news released on January 4, a total of more than 7,600 permit have been issued for drivers who passed the applications.

Container gate-in and gate out operations are permitted only through 5 dedicated channels including 4 highspeed intersections (Beilu, Chaiqiao, Guoju, Chuanshan) and one road between NBCT and NBSCT from 16:00 PM 1st of Jan in the three terminals.

The empty pick-up is normal but subject to upgraded operational procedures.



Container load and discharge operations keep normal in the three terminals near the epidemic area of Beilun district.

Since Ningbo Beilun District notified a confirmed case on January 1, it has launched three-round of COVID-19 tests so far. There still will be several rounds to be conducted within this week, the result will be a key factor in whether to close the port or other matters.