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- easier logistics


- easier logistics

“eCare – one single source of information for efficient management of logistics operations, from order to delivery”

eCare, a web-based logistics system, developed in cooperation with our customers, who use it daily. We are happy to say the system is designed according to our customers’ needs, and we are proud of its functionality and usability.

eCare for your needs - full EDI integration or manual connection? It is your choice.

We have 3 eCare solutions, from manual to fully integrated systems, EDI integration provides additional functionality, simplifies work routines and an even better overview.

Manual set up includes:
  • Tracking
  • Search your own references
  • Estimated departure (ETD), actual departure (ATD), estimated arrival (ETA)
  • The consignment’s size, volume, weight and number of packages
  • Customised functionality
  • Overview from order to delivery
  • Price calculation
  • Document control, bill of lading, orders, commercial invoices, customs clearance documents
  • Email alerts, login and check status
  • Addresses, sender and recipient registry
  • All assignments in one place

EDI integration with procurement system down to the order level. OMS – Order Management System
  • Control down to order level
  • Document control, bills of lading, orders, commercial invoices, customs clearance documents
  • Orders automatically set into eCare
  • Purchase orders followed-up with manufacturers by our local teams – you get continuous updates from our offices in Asia and Europe
  • Automatic notification of changes
  • Work in your own system, have full overview in eCare
  • Free-up your own resources

EDI integration with your procurement system down to the article level, POMS – Purchase Order Management System
  • Control down to the article level in orders – micromanagement!
  • Document control, bills of lading, orders, commercial invoices, customs clearance documents, as well as the possibility to upload your own files related to the order to have everything in one place
  • The order, with all article lines, is automatically set into eCare
  • Orders linked to individual containers
  • The purchase order is followed up with the manufacturer on the article level. Our local departments in Asia and Europe follow-up and give you first-hand status updates in eCare

Relevant information to the right user
There are many users in an organization performing different tasks at different points of the logistics chain. eCare can be customized to each user to get information and notifications that are relevant to them.

  • Logistics manager
    for full control over the whole process from order to delivery
  • Procurement manager
    from when the goods are finished, and ready to be shipped
  • Warehouse manager
    when the goods are expected to arrive
  • Transport planning office
    when the goods shall be picked up and transported further

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Tommy Ilovar, Teamleader Air & Sea Freight in ColliCare
Tommy Ilovar
Teamleader Air & Sea Freight
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