We offer seasonal storage and warehousing in safe environments. Whether you require third-party logistics or storage, we find the best option for you. You get a full overview with our WMS.


Long-term, short-term or customized warehouse solutions, let us give you an offer

Let us store your inventory in our storage

Are you in need of third-party logistics or warehousing? We have a very good inventory management tool and work to give you a smart and flexible storage of your goods. We have a reputable WMS system called Axia that is user-friendly and comprehensive. It's easy to place orders and check inventory. You get a total overview of your inventory and 3PL! We offer storage and 3PL in Gothenburg and Östersund, whether you require seasonal storage or storage in the long term.


Third-party logistics (3PL) and storage:

Do you have seasonal goods or storage needs? Warehousing has inventory costs that vary with your need or season. You get through cooperation with us a professional team that helps with orders and picking and packing services.

Let us help you manage your seasonal goods. No solid expenses.

The storage solution can be combined with, for example, import services or distribution.


Warehouse Management system (WMS)

Our WMS storage system, Axia, is both user-friendly and comprehensive. Here you can add orders, check inventory, and more. It is important to us that you always have a full overview of your inventory. Integrated with your operating system (ERP), the WMS system will give you additional control - and not at least good flow in the warehouse work.


WMS gives you a real-time overview on:

  • multiple warehouses, customers, country and different languages in one system

  • tracking of all types of transactions; receipts, internal move, inventory adjustments, and more

  • item balance - search down at item level, create a new item, edit or delete existing items

  • customer register: search for a defined customer, establish a new customer, edit or delete existing customers

  • order status can be easily established, edited, or deleted

  • checking orders against item deliveries

  • labeling, scanning, shipping lists och CMR-documents

  • module for inventory operations for planning and organization

  • reports with information such as units sold to client/customer