We offer a complete solution with a warehouse in a good location near the E6 in Gothenburg. Combine our storage services with customs and transport solutions for uncomplicated warehousing.


Long-term, short-term or customized warehouse solutions, let us give you an offer

Warehouse terminal in Gothenburg

We offer storage and 3PL in Gothenburg. Here you can get help with complete warehouse services according to your needs. We have a strategically located warehouse terminal and offer among other things, storage for customs, cross-docking, and seasonal storage.


Our storage services in Gothenburg

Storage for customs

ColliCare has approved customs warehouses that are always in line with current regulations. There are strict requirements for what may be undeclared in this kind of warehouse. The storage period also has given deadlines and requirements regulated by the Swedish Customs.


Our warehouse terminal is strategically located at the E6 in Gothenburg. At this terminal, we offer among other things, seasonal storage and more - when you would need it.


Cross-docking involves organizing the logistics so that you will avoid the cost of intermediate. That means we receive goods from your suppliers with different flows of goods into our warehouse – but only one shipment out to the recipients. Goods that come with cars or products that are already in stock must be consolidated before it is sent directly to your customers (this way you avoid unnecessary intermediate).

Storage in shelves and racks

Packages and meter items are stored on shelves and pallet racks. Pallet racks are for pallet goods where the height is adjusted to the size of the goods. Securing goods is carried out according to storage regulations with plasticine or straps – for your safety.

Storage on free surfaces

We provide storage on free areas, for indoor and outdoor storage.

Our storage

We have 2 storage in Sweden, one in Gothenburg and one in Östersund. In Norway, we have four storages, 3 in Moss and 1 in Oslo. Since we offer import and export of goods to and from Asia, we have three warehouses in China, one in Shanghai, one in Xiamen, and one in Yantian.

Safety is important to us when storing your goods and we attach great importance to providing you with personal customer service and contact. We make sure that receipts are performed at all reception and quality control. All goods are registered in our WMS system (Warehouse management system) when we scanning all incoming goods and outgoing orders.

We protect the environment and therefore all waste is sorted for recycling, we also make sure that our new trucks have environmentally-friendly batteries. And to maintain a high standard on our premises, we make sure to follow the recommendations for a good working environment.