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Customer Service

Customer Service: 010 199 38 00

Opening hours: 08-16 (lunch break 12-13)

010 199 38 02


010 199 38 03 

Road freight foreign/domestic:

010 199 38 04 

At ColliCare we offer you personal service!

We have above average focus on customer service and would like to help you. We want our customers to enjoy working with us through good dialogue and close follow-up. 

We are proud of our customer service team, and have given the customer service department a central role in our organization.

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Customer service contact persones

Markus Ekström
Customer Service & Projects
+46 31 304 5166

List of our contact persons.

ColliCare Logistics AB
Exportgatan 24A,,
42246 Hisings Backa
VAT/Org.: SE 5567415756 01
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