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Why ColliCare

  • ColliCare endeavours to be an active partner for customers by delivering smart and cost-effective logistics solutions
  • Holistic thinking and complete solutions are our current strengths, and our focus for the future
  • We want to maintain personal contact at all times to gain knowledge and understanding of our customers’ operations and business environments
  • All our customers are entitled to high-quality implementation and a level of follow-up we are proud to deliver
  • Loyal and satisfied customers will be our best selling point
  • Our entire organization is motivated by the search for innovative solutions

Some benefits we want you to experience as our customer:

  • Time saved on logistics gives you better capacity to focus on your core busines
  • Full control through online tools such as eCare, tracking features and reports
  • Variable costs, the right price structure according to needs and consumption
  • No personnel or absence issues
  • Easy access to equipment, facilities and capacity
  • We keep you updated on changes, requirements and technologies and adapt to your advantage
  • We possess competence in all aspects of the logistics chain
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Stefan Cederberg
Managing Director Gothenburg
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