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Tenders and projects

We have gathered logistics expertise in a special department specifically for large tender processes and logistics projects.

We can boast of extensive and broad experience with all types of logistics services, both domestically and internationally. Read more about our services here; road transportsea freight, air freightwarehousinglogistics in shop and online shopping.

In a logistics project we help you:

  • Analyse the current transport system, domestic and international
  • Optimise the supply chain / goods flow
  • With efficient IT / logistics systems, and their implementation with your systems

 A logistics project can provide:

  • Reduced warehouse costs
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Optimised logistics processes, internal and external
  • A purchase order management system for full overview and control
  • Accessible on-time statistics for analysis and optimisation

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Stefan Cederberg
Managing Director Gothenburg
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