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About ColliCare

ColliCare Sweden has premises in Gothenburg and Östersund, and is a subsidiary of ColliCare Norway.

We are headquartered in Norway and also have offices in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, China and India, as well as an agent network which covers most countries around the world.

Our strength is our employees and, with their in-depth knowledge of all links in the logistics chain, we are champions in finding smart solutions for our customers.

Business concept
Through a local presence ColliCare will develop and offer new, profitable and global value chain solutions – from manufacturers to end recipients.

ColliCare will be an engaged, creative and international provider of services within air and sea freight, freight forwarding, transport and warehousing/3PL. With strong growth we will be a challenging workplace for our employees.

Our focus is to be personal contact and follow-up of our customers, and we rely on proactive follow-up of deliveries and defined needs.

Our vision is to enhance our customers' competitiveness through innovative and integrated logistics services of high quality and flexibility.

Our values:
Humour – Have fun at work
Reliability – Be reliable
Respect – Always show respect
Smart – Be smarter than your competitor

Our mantra is to be a better logistics partner through needs analysis, product customizations, continuous quality assurance and follow-up of our customers.
It is our dedication to the customer, competence and engagement that makes us a service company which is a little out of the ordinary.
ColliCare’s greatest strength is our employees! We are proud of our staff who have extensive experience and competence.
Customer service; with expertise in customer care, we want to differentiate ourselves with personal service at a high level.

Logistics Concepts
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Customer Service

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